Health & Early Intervention

Early intervention is vital in ensuring all children are fit, healthy and prepared for their transition to school. We provide onsite relevant assessment and screeners for the children who are eligible:

  • Hearing assessments
  • Eyesight screeners
  • Dental Care Services
  • Speech assessments and speech therapy
  • Occupational Therapy services

Be Sun Smart, Play Sun Smart 

The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) radiation is both a major cause of skin cancer and the best natural source of vitamin D. A healthy UV exposure balance helps maintain vitamin D levels and minimises the risk of skin and eye damage, sunburn and skin cancer.

At Shine, we are an approved Sun Smart service and encourage all children to actively learn about the importance of being sun safe. Children are provided with an interactive sunscreen station and sun smart wide brim or legionnaires hats.

Munch n Move 

Healthy eating and physical activity are consistently promoted and embedded in the everyday program. Munch n Move practices are consistent with the Australian Dietary Guidelines and the National Physical Activity recommendations.

It is important to build the foundations of keeping fit and healthy from a young age and at Shine, we have an interactive juicing station and a Fundament Movement Skills program. This program is implemented in accordance with the NSW Department of Health.

Get up and Grow 

In Early Childhood, it is important to promote the key messages relating to healthy eating and physical activity. At Shine, we engage the children in an interactive juicing station and implement daily the Developing Movement Skills necessary at a young age, these include Smart start to moving, upper body movements, lower boy movements and moving the whole body. This program is implemented in Victoria in accordance with the Australian Department of Health.

An image of children in child care carlingford centre.
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