Our program is based upon the principle that the whole child must be developed if he or she is to become a well adjusted member of our society. We provide the environment and experiences to enable a child to grow socially, physically, emotionally and intellectually. Through a balance of teacher directed play, learning through play, exploration and group participation, children have the opportunities to develop as whole complete individuals.

shine preschool education

Children at Shine will experience:

  • Guided activities which develop a sense of care and respect for others as well as a healthy self image
  • Active play and exercises which enhance physical development and gross motor skills
  • A full range of activities which encourages curiosity, experimentation and language development
  • An expansion of the environment through supervised and educational excursions away from the centre
  • A level of structured / teacher directed experiences that are necessary to help develop skills for a smooth transition from early childhood education to kindergarten/primary school
  • A program of activities specifically geared and tailored to meet needs of individual children
  • A planned learning program to strengthen the perceptual skills necessary for eventual academic success
  • A positive and accepting environment to develop social behavior leading to independence and self control
  • Observations of all children will be recorded and used for individual developmental records enabling staff to assess a child’s progress
  • Children’s creativity and self expression are encouraged through a variety of outdoor and indoor activities, music and movement,language and story groups, dramatic play, drama, arts and crafts, poetry and songs
  • A fun and happy environment between staff, children and families
  • Fine motor and gross motor skills are strengthened through activities including manipulative play, multimedia activities (paint / sand / crayons), block play, balancing beams, running, skipping, catching and throwing
  • Math/science concept skills and natural aspects of our environment are encouraged and provided by block play, building, cooking experiences etc
  • School readiness, social / emotional and independence skills are strengthened through a wide range of activities designed to enhance a child’s auditory,visual and tactile senses

At Shine, our programs are always available to parents to read on a daily basis. Keeping up to date with the current research and advice as recommended by the professionals in Early Childhood, we readily adapt and evolve to create programs which best suit the children’s needs.

Currently at Shine, we work as per the programming encouraged by the Early Years Learning Framework.

A positive atmosphere and the wellbeing of children within an education and care setting is promoted through attentive care and quality interactions with children. Emotional development and social relationships are enhanced through thoughtful and sophisticated approaches to conversation, discussion and promotion of children’s language and communication.


  • Helping children learn through relevant and meaningful experiences leads to growth and development
  • Providing rich and stimulating programs and learning environments
  • Recognising their strengths and build on these
  • Being actively involved with them and ensuring their active collaboration in their learning
  • Helping them make decisions about their learning and experiences positives outcomes
  • Respecting individual capacities and diversity in learning
  • Using every day practices such as writing shopping lists, identifying numbers on car number plates or on houses to help children develop their literacy and numeracy skills
  • Providing positive feedback on children’s attempts at independence
  • Supporting children with their interests rather than pushing them in areas they may not be interested in
  • Knowing the children and families is a key aspect of ensuring that the transition program is responsive – some children may need more visits, more re-assurance, more opportunities to practice some skills and other skills may be satisfactory
  • Many of our children come from diverse families, including culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. We aim to talk with each family about their issues and concerns and how their home culture views transition to school

School Readiness is an integral part of the daily program for those children in our preschool room. We include an intensive end of year Transition to School Program exclusively for those children moving on to “big” school. Some topics covered include: healthy lunchbox choices; library book borrowing; PALS social skills program; health, hygiene and grooming; literacy and numeracy revision; safety and self help skills. Excursions to local primary schools are organised so that children have the opportunity to share “big” school experiences with their preschool friends.

EARLYWORKS is an outcome-based early childhood education management system for use within child care centres and other early childhood organisations. EarlyWorks is recognised as the most feature packed documentation and programming software package on the market.


EarlyWorks enables easy access to children’s portfolios of observations, journals, images and family communications in just one click. View children’s current learning, areas of strength and their progression towards goals. Educators can evaluate and plan appropriately for each child using supporting documentation. As educators continue to observe children, their profile grows and becomes a complete learning summary which includes family input and communications. Children’s progress towards learning outcomes and authentically observed developmental milestones are captured and recorded regarding exactly how and when they were witnessed.


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