Image result for earlyworksEarlyWorks caters to a wide variety of observation styles including learning journeys, running records, anecdotal records, jottings, time samples, child notes, photo journals and more. Observations (group & Individual) ensures each child’s learning and development is being assessed as part of an ongoing cycle of planning, documenting and evaluating.

Experiences are planned or spontaneous and effortlessly capture a holistic view of learning and development experiences across all children for the entire service. Programmed experiences automatically scaffold learning from observations and journal entries, allowing educators to concentrate on delivering excellence in practice rather than paperwork.

Professional daily photo journal entries for each room form a basis for the curriculum. Journals provide families with an insight into the experiences and activities that have occurred at the service.

EarlyWorks enables easy access to children’s portfolios of observations, journals, images and family communications in just one click. View children’s current learning, areas of strength and their progression towards goals. Educators can evaluate and plan appropriately for each child using supporting documentation. As educators continue to observe children, their profile grows and becomes a complete learning summary which includes family input and communications. Children’s progress towards learning outcomes and authentically observed developmental milestones are captured and recorded regarding exactly how and when they were witnessed.

Customised dashboards cater to the requirements of specific roles such as managers, team leaders and educator assistants. Alerts and notifications ensure programming and documentation cycles and contributions are completely transparent to all levels of management. Educators’ dashboards provide specific insight and alerts on a room by room level.

EarlyWorks are committed to providing the highest standards of privacy and they take their responsibility to protect your personal information very seriously. EarlyWorks operates under the privacy guidelines taken directly from the Federal Government’s Privacy Act.

On Early Works, families have access to view: • The daily journal • Your child’s observations • Your child’s eat and sleep patterns • Photos of individual and groups of children • Monthly calendar’s • The Shine Times newsletter • The Program • Individual and Group Family notices and reminders And more.

Families have access to Early Works via: • PC • Smartphone • Tablet • Laptop

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