Information on behaviour guidance.

The Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) is run through several

local area health services;

The Children’s, Youth and Women’s Health Service:

Information on communicating with children effectively.

(lots of stuff on this site for communicating with children of different ages)

Information on child protection issues.


Protective Behaviours:  http://www.protectivebehaviours.

Information about safe storage of potentially dangerous products at home.

The best authority is KidSafe NSW:

Though other sites (eg Raising Childrens Network) have some helpful tips

Information about equipment and furniture for children.

The best authority is KidSafe NSW:

and most things you buy will have an Australian Standard, which you can look at online at:

Choice often do great comparisons on children’s products

And the Department of Fair Trading have some useful guidelines

Relevant information about OH&S as they relate to the children and families  using the centre.

When visiting the centre it is important to keep the following in


a) follow the directions of staff

b) observe any warning / instruction signs

c) close doors behind you

d) watch out for tripping hazards (eg toys on the floor)

e) take care when lifting (bend your knees, brace your back)

f) follow strict hygiene practices (frequent hand washing)

g) be Sunsafe –

Information on nutrition and good eating habits.

(have some great fact sheets for child nutrition)


(there’s a link on this page to a pdf document on child nutrition

websites for parents, a very handy list)

Information about food handling and storage.

Information on hygiene and food safety.

Information on hygiene and dental care.

Information on sleep equipment and safe sleeping practices.

Information about suitable clothing for play both indoors and outdoors.

Information on safe sleeping practices.

Information on sun protection.

Information on immunisation schedules.

Information on immunisation clinics.

Most GPs are able to immunise your child and bulk bill under

medicare making it relatively free (or at least inexpensive)

Or Call the Immunisation hotline on 1800 671 811

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