At Shine, we believe:

  • Every child is a citizen with rights and responsibilities as they grow to develop a strong sense of identity
  • Every child, including those with special needs, are capable and resourceful
  • Every child develops dispositions to learn through their senses, creativity, imagination, persistence,enthusiasm and curiosity
  • Children strives to make meaningful connections through authentic experiences that reflect their interests
  • Learning is effective when play experiences can be transferred and adapted from one context to another
  • Children learn through play when they can explore and experiment in natural and built environments
  • Every child learns best when her / his physical and emotional needs are met as they develop resilience,inter-dependence and a sense of agency
  • Every child is free to learn in an environment where he/she feels safe, secure and supported
  • Every child constructs knowledge as a result of meaningful and purposeful experiences
  • Children learn respect, empathy and care through social interaction with adults and other children
  • Every child’s interest and ‘need to know’, motivates learning as they grow to become confident and involved learners
  • A positive self-concept is a necessary pre-requisite for healthy development as children increasingly become responsible for their health and wellbeing
  • Every child’s learning reflects a recurring cycle that begins in awareness, moves to exploration, to inquiry and finally to utilisation


Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm

We open a maximum of 49 to 50 weeks in the year (closing only at Christmas / New Year)

Education and care provided to age groups: 6 weeks to 5 year old’s


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